New Patients

How to register with this practice

The practice is happy to register patients living within the practice area (please see Practice Area page). If you are not sure if your address is within the area, please ask at reception. If you wish to join the practice, please contact our reception staff, who will tell you what you need to do. If we are not able to accept your application to register, you will be informed in writing.

Under the new contract you will be registered with the practice rather than an individual doctor. You will, however, be able to request appointments with your preferred doctor. This may mean that you have to wait slightly longer for your appointment if that doctor is busy or on leave. It is also possible that the doctor may not provide the service you require, in which case you will be redirected to the appropriate team member.

All patients, including children, are allocated a named accountable GP upon registration, referred to as your ‘Usual GP’. We encourage you to see your usual GP where possible particularly for on-going problems. You can contact the Surgery at a later date to find out who this is. This is in line with Government guidance but does not mean that you are only able to see this GP for your care.

Due to pressures on GP’s currently, we are unfortunately having to set a boundary area when registering new patients. 

We will no longer be accepting patients outside our catchment area. 

Please enter your postcode into the Practice Area to check whether you are in our Catchment Area or not.

The patient must bring all prescribed medication and a urine sample to this appointment. The registration process will not be completed until the appointment has been attended. Anyone under the age of 18 taking prescribed medication is also required to have a new patient health check. If you are on any ongoing medication or are undergoing hospital investigation, you will need to make an appointment with your usual Doctor. The Receptionist will advise you on this matter.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit Our Documents page and print off a registration form or complete the online form below. A single form must be completed for each member of the family that wishes to be registered here and all fields must be completed on the form.  

All registration forms must be signed before being handed in to the practice in-person and a health questionnaire form will need to be completed before registration can take place. If in any doubt, please ring the surgery on 0191 4872 656 for further information.