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We are always looking for volunteers to help improve our services here at the surgery. We believe that the Patient’s suggestions and feedback is invaluable in acting as a main interface between patients and the Practice, working towards improving services. It can:

  • Improve communications between practice and patients, to promote a clearer understanding from both sides.
  • Provide feedback to the Practice suggestions for improvement to the services provided to the patients and to the organisation.
  • Give input to and help around developing and improving areas such as health education promotion, patient recalls etc to make the messages promoted in posters, leaflets, letters and such be as effective as possible.

If you are interested and would like to get involved, please complete a slip and drop it into the box at Reception or complete the form attached below.

We will normally contact participants by email so please provide an email address if you have one.

PPG Sign Up
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The information below will help to make sure that we receive feedback from a representative sample of the patients registered at this practice.
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