Dr Burridge Retires

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We would like to inform our patients that as of the end of April Dr Burridge will sadly be leaving Fell Cottage. He will be truly missed.

“Dear Patients,

After working at Fell Cottage for 16 years I am leaving at the end of this month to retire. Being a doctor is a great privilege. Helping people who are concerned with such an imporant matter as their health is very rewarding. Harnessing the knowledge and skills aquired over a medical career, to give good care all of the time, is challenging. When you get it right and make a difference it gives huge personal satisfaction that keeps you going on days when nothing goes to plan. My hope is that some of you who read this might think I made a difference,even it if was just a sympathetic ear, and I apologise to those of you think I didn’t.

The care we provide at Fell Cottage is a team effort. I have been supported by everyone of them and I am sure that many of you will appreciate what they do to help you. Incredibly, together we keep the ship sailing every day, even through the stormy weathers of the pandemic. It will be sad to leave the “Fell Cottage family” but I will remain in touch.

I have managed to say good-bye to several of you over the last few weeks. To those that I see regularly, whom I haven’t discussed my departure with due to pressures of time, I apologise. I also wish to thank the patients who gave up their time to help with student teaching. You make such a significant contribution to the education of tomorrow’s doctors.

Farewell, and who knows our paths may cross again!

Dr Duncan Burridge